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Liberty in Focus on 7th Independent Living Day
This year’s European Independent Living Day is a day like no other More...
PA service contiues
Despite the state of emergency PA service More...
New EU COVID-19 response brings no guarantees for social services
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Living Independently during COVID-19 Pandemic: Spain
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EU invisible on social emergency of COVID-19
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Priority list


1. To draw attention to the RS Government that, in addition to fellow citizens over the age of 65, persons with disabilities are among the most vulnerable sections of the population. Whether due to the underlying condition or the accompanying secondary consequences of disability, persons with disabilities are particularly exposed to the possibility of respiratory infections which can have fatal consequences for these persons. We also recall the obligation of the State to provide persons with disabilities with special protection and support in situations of risk, in accordance with Article 11 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Proposal: That the Government of the RS include in all measures of support to the most vulnerable persons, persons with disabilities as one of the most vulnerable categories in the conditions of a pandemic and emergency, as well as in its condolences emphasize that persons with disabilities, as well as senior citizens, are among the most vulnerable categories

2. A problem with two-time personal assistants, that is, in the evening, helping users prepare for sleep and the like, which is later than 8pm. Suggestion: All of them get some kind of certification to allow them to work for the duration of the travel ban

3. But the question is who will issue such a certificate to those assistants who are hired by the disabled people themselves (whom they privately hire; I have had more such calls than people I know who have just such a problem)

4. Problem of release from work obligation:
a) Persons with disabilities working in private companies or companies, and
b) one of the parents / single parent or spouse of the person with

5. The issue of delivery of food and medical supplies - in addition to the elderly, include persons with disabilities; Proposal: through civil protection headquarters or through local communities, and on the basis of the lists at their disposal

6. Issue of payment of compensation for other care and assistance and disability pensions at home (due to inability to go to the Post Office or banks)

7. Take all reasonable adjustments when it comes to social protection services - do not abolish services such as supportive housing, personal assistants, personal escorts and others

8. Make sure that all state institutions' websites and public address are in accessible formats

9. Provide strict epidemiological protection for persons providing assistance and support to persons with disabilities at home and in residential institutions - disinfectants and, where appropriate, protective equipment and virus testing


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Liberty in Focus on 7th Independent Living Day
PA service contiues
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