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Sinisa Stricevic and Mirko Erdelji in 250 Radio broadcast Equally but for real



Radio broadcast „Equally, but for real“ for 238 time and our host Mr. Jovan Slavković, Mayor of Sombor city. In front of us are New Year’s Holidays and we have lot of things to celebrate related to PWDs: Opening the Firm for rehabilitation skills and working engagement of PWDs, further financing of four Personal Assistants, continuation of our Radio broadcasting, starting the same broadcasting on local TV station...I was thinking what else could be done...
For a long time I was trying to persuade representatives of DPOs to go on the field, to visit their members, face with their problems – as members voted for them and they should be there to help them, seemed as a wasting of time. In a moment I thought to offer this to a Mayor. „To be or not to be“ and I did it.

  • Mr. Slavkovic, could you or someone from Municipality find time to visit some of our most vulnerable citizens, to talk with them and see their problems but also their capabilities?

I was nervous looking for excuse asking him something like that. Silence that lasted few seconds seemed to me like eternity.

  • This is an excellent idea, I will go personally and we will agree on all details the day after tomorrow, said Mr. Slavkovic.

Surprise again, but positive one! He accepted to do something what I could not explaint to numerous „presidents and secretaries“ of associations to do.
What was promissed – was acomplished! We decided to visited the youngsters first. How many happiness and joy on the face of all of the family members. We stayed at each of them at least half an hour and Mayor tried to animate every of them but also to ask each of them some promisses. Thirteen years old Haler promissed to learn to read and write as well as to choose sport that will train and the Municipality will support him. Vinko Lemić challenged Mayor at table tennis tournament.
Bojan Kujundzic was excluded from school, as his teacher could not take care of him any more. He is kind of depressed now and road to his house is heavilly and muddy. Municipality promissed to fix the road and to cover it with concrete. Eventually, Bojan discusssed with the Mayor and told him that he likes Geography the most and to watch some home serial on TV. While I am writing this article I’ve got a message that Bojan’s street is beggining to repair.

Mr. Slavkovic surprised me again after the Holidays:

  • When will you have time to come with me to visit some other PWDs?

This time we visited our „old“ PA users Tereza, Julijana, Nikola but also and new one Manda Beretic.

  • You do not know how much my life improved since I have my PA, said Manda, also fearing what will happened after the end of project in which she participated.

Mayor promesssed to check and find possibilities to add her and another user to these four financed by municipality budget.
Julijana Catalinac, as always, suggested some interesting ideas: widening PA service on more users, possibility to find taxi vehicle adapted to wheelchair users and Mayor imediately contacted some taxi drivers.
Some will say that this is part of electing campaign. I would add: all parties has had their candidates and chances to do something. Only Mr. Slavkovic realised all his promisses.
It would be good that each municipality has „its Mr. Slavkovic as a Mayor“.
Do not allow Sombor to be the only town – join us! As soon as possible!

Mirko Erdelji

On Monday afternoon, 22 of October 2007, TV Channel 54 from Sombor made TV broadcast in rustic atmosphere of restaurant "Old Coach". TV broadcast "Equally but for real" was dedicated to Personal assistant's Service, philosophy of independent living, work of Center for Independent Living Serbia and its branch in Sombor, continuation of PASS project "From Alternative to Standardisation" funded by Social Innovative Fund at Ministry for Labor and Social Policy. Guests in this broadcast were Mimica Zivadinovic, coordinator for users and PAs for Serbia, Gorjana Gordic coordinator  for users and PAs for Belgrade, Julijana Catalinac, user from Sombor and Nikola Nikolas, President of CIL branchSombor. This TV broadcast hosted and edited   Mirko Erdelji.


Union of Dystrophics of Vojvodina organised rehabilitation for persons with Muscular Dystrophy in Igalo, Montenegro, from 9 until 19 of September 2007.

There were about 80 members and their assistants from all Vojvodina and seven members from Association for CP from Sombor joined the group.

Within this group there were two Personal Assistant Service users from Sombor: Julijana Catalinac with her PA Jovanka Bakic and Terezija Pastrovic , both from Sombor.


Project From Alternative to Standardisation cover two more users from Sombor, Manda Beretic and Julijana Kocis. This project is funded by Social Innovative Fund from Ministry for Labor and Social Policy and its purpose is not to deliver Personal assistant Service but to create Manual and Set of criteria and standards. This work will be done with Sector for Protection the Persons with Disabilities from Ministry for Labor and Social Policy, Social Innovative Fund and other partners on the project (Centres for Social Welfare and representatives of Municipalities involved).

New users and their personal assistants meat at 5th of October with guests from Belgrade, Coordinator for users and PAs for Belgrade, Gorjana Gordic and Mimica Zivadinovic, Coordinator for users and PAs for the project. Mentors for ywo new users will be „the old ones“ Julijana Catalinac and Terezija Pastrovic.

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